Extend your adventure, ride together, then charge your 2X2 directly from your RV

The 2X2 grips the trail or the road like nothing else on the market

Designed and engineered in
New Zealand, built in the USA.

At 155lbs, just lift on to
the rack and go

Self-service options, make this the cheapest vehicle in your garage

Easy to ride – no experience needed

Enjoy the ride – and the
sounds around you

Leave no trace, no gas, no fumes, no noise, just the ride

Secure & safe riding

Super Safe And Secure

All packed up and ready to hit the road? Extend your travels with the 2X2 lean, mean adventure machine. On or off-road, this electric motorbike is conveniently lightweight and effortless to learn. No gas, no chains, and no training wheels needed. Inherently safe and packed with security features, whether in the town or country, your 2X2 is safe and secure.


Lightweight And User Friendly

Easy to lift, and even easier to mount on your van, truck or RV. Featuring all-wheel drive, and a secure step-through frame that provides additional stability while you ride. Go up to 75 miles in whichever direction the wind blows, and bring along your supplies, your tools, or your furry friends!


An Ideal Travel Companion

The 2X2 is the perfect travel companion. Quiet, peaceful, and ready to rally for all your outdoor adventures. Designed with a strong alloy frame that hardly makes a sound, you won’t need to worry about waking the owls. Instead, connect with fellow travelers at the campground, who are guaranteed to have questions about your new wheels.

Safer Riding

Regenerative braking, all-wheel drive, familiar gears, and an awesome power-to-weight ratio skyrocket the 2X2 into a class all its own. Unlike other motorbikes, the electronic throttle is intuitive and responds to your style of riding, customizing the experience. Whether you're cruising up the Rocky Mountains or down into red rock canyons, you’ll never forget what you see from the seat of your electric motorbike.


The low centre of gravity (CoG) stabilises the bike and makes it easy to maintain an upright position across sloping terrain. Two-wheel drive increases traction for a more stable ride.


All-wheel drive is provided by the 1kW motor in each wheel. These tough motors work together to provide the traction you need to get you through any terrain and the power to carry all your cargo and equipment.


At only 75db you won’t wake the neighbours, or scare the animals.

Technical Showcase

Easy To Learn And Ride

The 2X2 features an intuitive design, easy to learn and ride no matter where you are. A state-of-the-art regen braking system provides independent front and rear control with passive (off throttle) and active (brake activated) regenerative braking. You can even control the level of regen through the UBCO app.

Lightweight And Quiet

This motorbike is quiet, lightweight, and allows you to adventure as nature intended...free and easy! At just 75db, the motors are nearly silent and create no noise pollution, which means you won’t wake or scare the animals while you’re exploring.

Range And AWD

Able to travel up to 75 miles per change, the 2X2 is all adventure, and ready to chase the sunset. Featuring all wheel drive, and a state of the art braking system, your new adventure buddy won’t let you down. Before you twist the throttle and go, download the UBCO 2X2 app, which allows you to monitor and update your bike through bluetooth and location services. Make sure you have your bike turned on and in range before opening the app.

Read What Others Are Saying About The 2X2

Sue Goldberg

Customer Testimonial

“We love our 2X2’s because they are so easy to ride. The main reason we bought them was that we could ride them together and do things while camping and spending our weekends outdoors.”

Jamie Gallant

Customer Testimonial

“The day I discovered the 2X2 fit inside my van was magic. It gets me and my pile of gear to places I wouldn’t otherwise go – opening up doors to whole new adventures. Life is definitely more fun on an UBCO!”

Art Mathias

Customer Testimonial

“A lot of the time I am going places no human has probably gone before. There are no trails or anything. But that’s not a problem on the UBCO, it’s a great machine to explore on.”

Aran Eversman

Customer Testimonial

“The 2X2 is as fun as it is utilitarian. The platform is highly flexible: It’s as comfortable on the street as it is on the trails or loaded down with camping gear for an overnight adventure.”

Austin Smith

Customer Testimonial

“I live in a 1953 Fire Truck so I can eliminate commuting, I can park where I want to be and stay put for months on end. Any commuting or grocery runs can be done with the UBCO 2X2, making errands a little more adventurous.”


UBCO 2X2 Adventure Bike

(0-100% 3.1kWh battery vs full tank of gas)

*based on average residential electricity $0.51/kWh


30mph | 50kph


75mi | 120km (3.1kWh battery)


Moped / 50cc Light Motorcycle equivalent


Dual 1kW hub motors for all-wheel drive






Stationary: 0db | Full speed: 75db


155lbs | 70kg


4hp | 2kW


104Nm (76.7ft-lb) @ 206rpm


330lbs | 150kg


1 Year on Bike | 2 Years on Battery


Delivery Information

You can order UBCO products through our website or one of our dealers. When you order UBCO products online, you can choose from two delivery options:


Your order will be delivered directly to you. Note, for the 2X2 some assembly is required. Also, this is a large, heavy item that will be delivered by a truck.


Collect your order from your selected dealer. They will take care of any assembly for you. If you’re ordering a 2X2 this is a good option if you don’t feel confident completing the final assembly. Please note, if you are ordering a 2X2 online it is important you read the terms and conditions of purchase first. Alternatively, you can visit one of our dealers to purchase a bike in-store. Each dealer has a bike for you to check out in person. Still have questions? Feel free to send us an email.

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