Essential UBCO Bike Maintenance Tips

Whether you've been getting out and about and riding your UBCO bike like crazy, or it's been gathering dust inside for a while, it’s a good idea to check it over from time to time to ensure optimal performance and safety. Regular maintenance checks can help identify any potential issues and keep your UBCO 2x2 operating efficiently.

We've compiled a list of simple yet crucial checks that will help you maintain the performance and safety of your bike. So let's dive in and make sure you're ready for your next adventure!

1.    Start by Checking the Battery Charge

Turn on your bike and check the battery charge. If it needs a top-up, simply turn off the bike, plug in the charger, and charge the battery. The charger's LED indicator lights will let you know the charging status: a solid green light means the battery is fully charged, a solid red light indicates normal charging and a flashing red light means no battery is detected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your battery fails to power the bike after a period of storage or non-use, please contact UBCO support for advice.

If you want to know about your battery and how to care for it, check out our Battery Range and Efficiency Info Sheet.

2. Check the UBCO Rider's App for Updates

If you haven't checked the UBCO App for any updates lately, make sure you do. Keeping the App and your bike's software/firmware updated will help to keep your bike’s performance optimized.

If you don't have the App yet, click below to download it so that you can access the App's live dashboard, customize your bike settings, download and install the latest software/firmware, and more.

3. Ensure Correct Tire Pressure and Condition

Take a quick look over the tires. Look for any signs of cracking or damage. Check the tread depth, ensuring it's at least 2mm or 3/32". Also, make sure the tread isn't flattening out anywhere. Check the tire pressure. For standard riding, we recommend inflating the tires to around 25 psi or as specified on the tire. 2x2 tires use a standard car-style valve for inflation.

4. Check the Brakes

Ensure that your brakes are in good working order and inspect the brake pads for wear. If you notice any issues please contact your nearest certified technician, or UBCO dealer for assistance. You can adjust the brake lever angle using the screws on the brake lever mount and retighten them to a torque setting of 7Nm.

5. Perform General Checks

Check that all the lights (headlight, rear light, brake light, and directional indicators) are working properly. Ensure the mirrors are fastened and adjusted correctly for optimal viewing. Verify the functionality of the kickstand and sound the horn to make sure it's working. Finally, check that nothing is loose on the bike. Don’t forget there is a small selection of tools included in the Field Kit under the seat which may be helpful.

6. Review the User Manual

Take a moment to refresh your memory by going through the user manual located in the Field Kit under your seat. It is packed full of valuable information about the bike, including alert code descriptions, servicing requirements, and further information on the checks listed above.

7. Book your Next Service

Make a note of when your next service is due and book it in. Remember, regular servicing should be done by a certified UBCO technician or dealer. Full details of the servicing schedule are in the user manual, which can also be downloaded from our website.

8. Getting out and about

Don't forget to take the key fob with you when you go for a ride. However, avoid carrying it in pockets of tight-fitting clothing where inadvertent button presses may occur while riding. UBCO will release a VMS update shortly to improve this functionality, however, it's best to carry the key fob in a place where the button cannot be accidentally depressed.

For security when you're out and about and away from your bike, the traditional key provided along with your key fob operates the steering lock located on the right side of the steering tube just below the handlebars. This fixes the steering angle of the parked bike so that it can't be wheeled away. The key also locks the battery into place so that it can't be lifted out.

For your safety please always wear a helmet and appropriate riding gear. Because the 2X2 is nearly silent, always assume people don't know you are approaching.

Stay safe, have fun, and embrace the freedom that comes with exploring the world on two wheels!